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4 2 0 3 // FOREVER ONE™ Moissanite Focal Stone


Today, Moissanite, or silcone carbide, is created using an innovative thermal harvesting process. What results is an ethical, socially responsible manmade gem. A great choice for sparkle, it makes for a brilliant alternative for engagement ring focal stones and a less costly substitute for diamonds. Like fragments of a star, moissanite was originally found in a meteorite crater and has since landed in hearts everywhere.

Why choose a moissanite gemstone:

+ Moissanites can cost significantly less than natural diamond and gemstone counterparts. Carat for carat, moissanite offers more beauty for less investment. This means you can check off boxes like high quality sparkle and bigger carat weights for a reasonable cost difference. 

+ A smaller carbon footprint than other gemstones

+ Rated for everyday wear. MOHs hardness scale: 9.25.
Easy to clean either by hand by gently scrub with a soft toothbrush and a solution of mild dish soap and warm water, or clean in an at-home ultrasonic unit.

What is 
FOREVER ONE™ Moissanite?

Forever One is the premium brand of moissanite from Charles & Colvard. These gems fall within the range of internally flawless to very slightly included (IF-VS). Such unparalleled clarity is only available from the silicon carbide material we use to make our gemstones, which is manufactured through a patented process. The color, or lack thereof, of these gems is impeccable. Forever One gems are available in two grades: colorless or near-colorless (DEF-GHI). And, the cuts of these stones are unmatched. All our moissanites come with a C&C serial number and lifetime guarantee

A note on investing in moissanite:

Please note that moissanite should not to be purchased with the intention of becoming investment pieces. While we hope you never have to resell your item, it is important to note that any jewellery item tends to have a significant resale devaluation. We suggest contacting us directly if the time ever comes to let go of your item. BREADxCircus has a beloved heirloom rework process that can turn your piece into something you can love again. You can learn about our program HERE.