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4 2 0 1 // Lab Diamond Focal Stone


Lab-Grown Diamonds. Artisanal Diamonds. Whatever you refer to them as, they are not synthetic stones or a diamond alternative like moissanite or cubic zirconia. They are the real deal. Using a synthesized process of either HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) or CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) - or both, they begin as rough crystals with the end product finished, graded and cut the same way as traditional diamonds. Under a microscope, their chemical composition isn't just similar, it is the the same as Type 2 diamonds.

Why choose a lab-grown diamond:

+ Lab-Grown Diamonds can cost significantly less than their natural diamond counterparts, coming in at 30-50% less than earth-mined diamonds. This means you can check off boxes like high quality colour and bigger carat weights for a reasonable difference. 

+ A smaller carbon footprint than traditional earth mined diamonds

+ All our lab grown diamonds come with a serialized IGI report so you can feel confident in your purchase

A note on investing in lab-grown diamonds:

Please note that lab diamonds should not to be purchased with the intention of becoming investment pieces. While we hope you never have to resell your item, it is important to note that any jewellery item tends to have a significant resale devaluation. We suggest contacting us directly if the time ever comes to let go of your item. BREADxCircus has a beloved heirloom rework process that can turn your piece into something you can love again. You can learn about our program HERE.