BREADxCircus Jewellery

There is a slow way to move

It requires consideration

Like the formation of a precious stone or a growing ember into a roaring fire.
It narrates the quality of time.

This is how we make jewellery.
Carefully constructed, piece by piece, in our Toronto studio.

There is sweetness 
in a calculated pace, 
longer steps, 
a savoured exchange.

We hope you find it, here, in everything we create.

There is beauty in the imperfections

We believe in kind pieces,

Sentimental objects that reveal their stories,

share their secrets

and invite you in.

Our process is simple. 
Never overcomplicating things;

We make pieces that intend to live with you,

connect with your body, share space with your bones and skin.

We welcome the solder seams and encourage you to expose where the edges meet. 

In fact,

we think that is where we're the most lovely.