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O N  J E W E L L E R Y  >>

We believe in the intrinsic sentimentality of the things you wear. COME AS YOU ARE is a celebration of the flaws that form you and make you whole. It celebrates the space and time you're in, the parts of ourselves we keep private and yearns to live with you every day on that journey. There are myriad ways to adorn, this is ours. 

O N  B x C >>

We like to believe we are not only a fashion accessories brand. We like to believe we make art over here. This is why, carefully constructed, bit by bit, our pieces are an ever changing experiment in how to make ordinary items extraordinary. Our process is simple; we dont cast in wax, we dont make anything digital.
Every piece begins as raw material and forged in fire. We simply cannot make an exact duplication, every item, down to our strings of gold that sit on your fingertips are yours alone. 

Over 90% of our jewellery is made from recycled material and all of our stones are ethically sourced. We don't advertise this part because we think this is how everyone should operate. 

O N  E L I S A B E T T A  >>

While BxC has many moving parts, every single one of our pieces is touched by two hands. Elisabetta Marrella is the designer and fabricator at BxC, beginning her career as a curator in Toronto, CANADA and developing BREAD & Circus in 2014.
Until recently it has been one person alone, and though we begin to grow our roster of talented individuals to elevate our philosophy and pool talents, some things will remain. A slow approach to fine jewellery, considered words when describing beauty, a short supply chain between you and the things you own.

I hope you love what we do.

O N  C O L L A B O R A T I O N >>

Our 2017 / 18 campaign in collaboration with TAHSINTHEGOOD pulled in strong women to showcase how there is beauty in the spaces in between. This is our first time moving towards a space that is considerate and collaborative and we couldn't have chosen a better jump off. 

We believe in two audiences when making successful work. We are commited to striking a perfect partnership as designers between the work that inspires us to create, the catharsis, and the work that fuels and inspires others. We hope you hear us all, and hear yourself, too, in what we're doing here. There's always room at the table.  

 We'd like to thank our 2017 / 2018 Collaborators who are strong women in their own right:

Tahsin - The Good (artist x creator) :
Kyrsten Galang (photographer) :
Romy Zack (MUA) :
Julia Monson (designer x illustrator x hype girl) :
Naomi Brearly (assistant stylist) :
Najiba Sardar (model x activist) :
Mya Sheffield (model x co-founder of the girl gang collective) :
Sierra Nevada (model x dj) :