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7 5 3 // diamond x meteora shake necklace


The DIAMOND X METEORA SHAKE NECKLACE is part of our signature collection. A thin, barely cable chain adorned with five alternating diamonds x organic meteora charms. Versatile and minimal, it can be worn alone as a simple statement or as a layering piece

Our meteoras are constructed out of gold remnants from the BREADxCircus studio. Made completely by hand, these pieces are near and dear to the BxC practice of intentional imperfection - tiny reminders that you are good as you are. A celebration of each of our unique qualities that make us human. 

A fine jewellery item simple in its execution with sweet details intended to be worn through every one of your life's moments.

All of BREADxCircus items are hand constructed and their imperfections narrate their one of a kind quality. While alike, no two are identical, therefore please allow for some slight variations between one piece to the next. 

14.5" length with 1.5" extension
1.1mm flat cable chain
0.09CTW Lab or Natural Diamonds