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2 9 1 // catena chain link necklace


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For me, this year has been the genesis of a deep yearning. In the early days of all the missing, I relied heavily on neighbourhood walks for sanity; an opportunity to practice smiling with my eyes, finding any excuse to get a little sunlight on my skin. for a week straight in march, I kept finding these plastic chain links which I suppose were from some party prop held by a gathering rendered impossible in a matter of weeks. as the months got warmer and the world ramped up, i had forgotten about this coy little game I had played with the universe for those seven days. then, in october, in a new home far away from that cabbagetown neighbourhood, a few family members less and even some physical space within my marriage these little symbolic reminders showed up to say that every one of our memories is but a tiny chain link in the bigger picture.

Humans are kind of this way too. It was so encouraging to see the lengths we went to to stay anchored to one another. banging pots at 7:30PM, digital hangouts and lots of snail mail. in my job, couples still said vows and got engaged. they still loved each other throughout it all. I know it’s tough now. I’ve found it hard to stay optimistic too. I cried this morning also. Many of us wonder where our enthusiasm went, how to stop feeling so fatigued. Hopefully this post is you finding your own chain link in that winter coat you barely needed this season. A reminder that we are better when we are trying to stay connected to each other - and this piece, this means of processing my own emotions by turning found objects into metal - well, I hope it does that for you also.


Chain: 1MM" 18" Box Chain Sterling Silver or Yellow Gold Filled
Pendant: 24 x 17MM

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